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Kenawa is a beautiful uninhabited island in West Sumbawa Regency, West Nusa Tenggara, precisely near Seaport Poto Tano on Sumbawa Island with the total area of ??13 ha.

I always wanted to be there, after cancelled several times, finally on Saturday 6th of April, my co-workers & I decided to go and camp there. We went there by car and 1 motorbike, it was 12 of us. It took about 2 hours from Sumbawa Besar, where we live. We brought many food & snorkel stuff.

After asking someone how to go there, we went to the Fishery office. Said they provide the boat to go to Kenawa Island, We paid about Rp. 300.000. It was actually Rp. 250.000, Rp. 50.000 was the additional cost because they will pick us up twice, some people would back to Sumbawa in the evening and some would stay for a night.

It only took 15 minutes on the boat. When we arrived, well yea it was hot, but sooo beautiful, the beach, savanna, the hill, the wooden houses, everything were amazing. No matter how hot it was, we took many pictures in the beach. Some took a rest and had lunch in the biggest wooden house.

In the afternoon, everybody was swimming and snorkeling in the beach. I actually didn’t do both, was just walking and soaking in the water -_-, took many pictures with every poses hohoho…

When we were taking pic, my co-worker Yanti joined us, at 1st she was standing near me in the water, but then she was getting away because of the current and brought her to the deep part. She couldn’t swim, she asked for help, I tried to reach her and walked to her till someone stopped me and reminded me that I couldn’t swim either -_-. So my friend’s wife helped her. Thanks God she was ok and everything back to normal, was just panic for awhile.

Then we walked around the Island through the Savanna, we climbed the hill, it only took about 7 minutes or less to reach the top. We meant to enjoy the Sunset, with the background of Rinjani Mountain, it should be perfect, but unluckily it was suddenly cloudy, we couldn’t see the sunset perfectly. But still had a good time on the top, took many amazing pictures.

Then the boat came to pick up my friends, only 4 people would stay. 1 guy and 3 girls. But when my other friends would leave, other boat was coming. It brought 7 guys from West Sumbawa, they would camp there too.

So we came to them and we talked, they invited us to join them dinner. They brought more complete stuff for camping, they even brought generator, oh they also had chicken, and fish, many other food.

So we share our food and help each other to cook, clean the wooden house. They are all very nice, we were so lucky to meet them there. The more we talked and shared Facebook, we found that 2 of them are my Facebook friends for a long time, hahahahahaha….the world is never big enough -_-

We also went fishing, didn’t get any fish anyway. We even met a snake. It was a cute snake but still,,scared me away. Then we stopped fishing and had dinner together.

After having dinner I left them to lay down on the sand. Omg it was so peaceful. I even forget about the snake. Just laid there n stare at the stars. Didn’t even feel cold, till my girl friends came and join me. We laid together and had snack around us. Then the guys came and played umm,,,a childish game actually,,,eh girl’s game. Weird to see that but it was fun.

The next day, we all woke up so early, we wanted to climb the hill and enjoy the sunrise. We walked together till the top and drink coffee and eat some snacks while waiting. When the sun rose we didn’t wanna miss the moment, we took some pictures but I don’t think I took it perfectly.

After that we went swimming in the beach and packed our stuff then. Waiting for the boat to pick us up. But no one answered my call, then i joined the guys boat. The fisherman said he also meant to pick us up so we could just get back together, so…okay….

Because then we only had 1 motorbike, my other co-workers took the car, so 1 of the girl and my guy friend use the motorbike, me and the other girl, Yanti,, hitchhike home -_-

But it was really really fun. I was so happy finally been there. I plan to go back there again and bring more camping stuff with more people. If you guys have any plan to go there, let me know :D

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